The Tapping Dead v1.2

We officialy released our first big update, this is The Tapping Dead v1.2!

We have been closely listening and reading all of your comments, reviews, video reviews, and also we have been closely watching the metrics inside the game. After long hours of meetings with the team and analyzing all of the data. we decided it’s time for a major update to the game.

The first noticeable change is that we removed entirely the LIVEs from the game, that’s right!, you now have unlimited lives to keep trying to get trough the levels in the game.

Since we removed the lives from the game, and too many of you purchased a lot of extra lifes, we decided that the only way to make up for that is to reimburse you all the zoins you used! So right from the start you will get back those zoins, so you can purchase POWERUPS.

That’s right!, we added Powerups to the game, this will make it a bit easier to get trough the hardest levels of the game, the power ups are as follows:
– Zombie Blood: makes you invisible to zombies for 10 seconds.
– Mask: protects you from one hit of zombies or projectiles
– Time Warp: slows zombies and projectiles for 10 seconds.
And you can even combe them!

We added a tutorial so you can learn the ropes of these new mechanics, very straight forward and easy to learn.

We removed the Pause button and instead changed it to a simple swipe gesture, so when you are tapping to stop the hero, you can just swipe in any direction to pause the game, and also use any powerup currently available or get new ones.

The mini-squash zombie game on the main map, now gives you Zoins, instead of lives, so keep squashing those zombies to get some extra zoins!.

Get to play on any of the first 4 buildings, we have unlocked them all except the prison, in order to unlock it, you still have to finish all the other buildings first to unlock it. If you used zoins to buy any of those buildings, you will get back those zoins.

We added an ending to the game, you just have to finish the prison to see it… can you? :D.

Currently downloadable on Google Play