The Tapping Dead – Official Press Release!

The Tapping Dead – Official Press Release!
May 24, 2013 – San Antonio, Texas (Friday – woot!)

Tapping Zombies? Really? You betcha!

The Tapping Dead has officially launched on Itunes! —– > Download it here!

An Android version will be available in June of this year. (that’s 2013 btw). And… BlackBerry. Yep. 🙂

What is The Tapping Dead?
Well, as its name suggests, you are tapping your way through a 150 levels of Zombified buildings in San Antonio Texas! Calculate well people or you can die quite easily and lose lives! While you make your way through these scary mazes in this 90’s styled platformer, you are also picking up Zoins, that allow for a variety of purchases: mainly new lives (later maybe powers). Tap to pause the main character as they run through the labyrinths of the dead and avoid getting hurled on, trampled, eaten or worse!

Collecting Zoins on each level is very important! Though, also, be patient and you can get through this entire ordeal alive.

The Tapping Dead comes from San Antonio Texas based company: Crazy Cricket, LLC.
This is Crazy Cricket’s first of many games to come.

Many thanks to Rodolfo Ruiz, Cesar Briones, Cristian Partica and Rico Garrett for their contribution to making this game a true success.

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