Silly and Simple Games!

These days we have been doing some work to pay the bills, and it has been boring. Then Cesar came to me with this crazy and simple game called Flappy Bird and told me is ruling the seven kingdoms. And I said “really? we can do that in like 5 hours”, so we did it.

The game is Gravity Rush 2 and we are publishing it for iOS (waiting for approval) and Android ( ).

Also we are releasing the source code:

Why are we releasing the source code? Well, it’s not like this game has some rocket science behind… actually the physics took 2 lines of code.

this.speed.y += this.gravity;
this.y+= this.speed.y;

We are giving the source code for 2 reasons:

1) Because we want to encourage Adobe Air development. Is a pretty neat framework for building games for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and OSX. And most media has been mean to it for it’s association with Flash. But the truth is many games have been developed with it and we want to help it gain some momentum with new and old developers.

2) Because it has the most common questions answered for new developers. How do I integrate Game Center or Google Game Services in my app? How do I integrate ads? How do I store data locally? How do I deal with multiple resolutions? etc.  If anyone want to contribute to it, so be it.

We got so much fun making this game (it took about 4 hours of development) that maybe we will be releasing a couple of games as simple and silly as this one, if you have any suggestion let us know at or