Meet the Characters of The Tapping Dead: Alice The Cheerleader!


Our second character fresh of the design shelf! Alice The Cheerleader is our heroin in this tapporoma flesh game!

Alice comes from Boerne, Texas – another small town just outside of San Antonio. A few months ago, Alice was cheering her home team on, when her coach tried to take a bite out of her arm! Obviously Coach James was now a part of the Flesh eating maniacial crew that Alice would have to deal with on a daily basis down the road.

Once outside the stadium, Alice lived from house to house, watching her friends and family change into stinky, nasty, hungry ass zombies. She headed to San Antonio to find more hospitable company who she could share her new exciting life with.

Alice is quite the survivor. She is physical fit, lives on hardly anything, so food wasn’t really a terrible issue for her. Most of what was left on the shelves in abandoned stores that she’d find, was exactly what she was used to eating: Granola bars, energy bars, dried fruits and all that fun diety stuff. She’s not afraid of much, has her opinions set in stone, and won’t take @#$&! from anyone.

Anyhoooo… Alice met Bill after they both got cornered by some dead beats (really dead) on Interstate 10 and Loop 1604. Bill in a smashed up police cruiser and Alice on a brand new Harley.

Suffice to say, Alice saved Bill and our heroes began their journey to so some “Tapping” of their own. 😉

Download The Tapping Dead on iOS for ONLY $1.99

Meet the Characters of The Tapping Dead: Bill The Sheriff

Yo yo yo! This is our first hero from The Tapping Dead!

Meet Bill, a weathered lawman in his early 40’s. Bill’s a bit on the crazy side after all he’s seen during his stretch as the town sheriff and later during his battle with the zombified town’s people.

Bill hails from Lockhart, Texas, which is famous for their BBQ. After provisions in his area dwindled, he headed to San Antonio in hopes of finding other survivors, some more grub, and maybe even a place to settle down.

Of course that is where our story starts and Bill is in for the tapping of his life!

Download The Tapping Dead on iOS for ONLY $1.99

Podcast of The Tapping Dead (

We recently got interviewed by Neil Hickton from! We had a wonderful time doing this podcast!. You can listen to the Podcast at their site:

Listen to the Podcast

We talked about The Tapping Dead game, the mechanics, how we got inspired by the music for the game, and little background on who we are and this exciting adventure of becoming a Game Studio! Thanks again!, remember to follow us on Twitter: @crazycricket_ and our facebook page!


Download The Tapping Dead on iOS for ONLY $ 1.99

The Tapping Dead, Bill (The Sheriff)

Here is “Bill”, a Sheriff from San Antonio, Texas!, from our upcoming game #TheTappingDead, and of course… a zombie 😀


Using Flash CS6 as a level editor.

While making platform games one of the most common tasks is designing and balancing maps. To accomplish this exists many tools, for The Tapping Dead we decided to use Flash CS6.

One of the reasons for this was that we could have full control of the output data and modify the format easily. Flash CS6 already have a UI that we could use, and components with live preview to pass parameters to the enemies when needed, and have these values parsed in the output.

Since the output is XML+JSON it can be used by any language/platform, in the case of The Tapping Dead we are using Air 3.7.

The idea is very simple, we would have a Scene per Scenario and a Frame per Level. The Class will read each frame and will parse whatever is in the scenario, capture it’s size, position and type, format it in XML+JSON (we decided to use XML+JSON to make it easy to edit/debug, I’ll go back to this later) and copy it to the clipboard. Continue reading…

Working on our first game!