Meet the Characters of The Tapping Dead: Mark

Meet Mark! Mark is our nerdy buddy who originally comes from Shiner Texas, where the great beer Shiner Bock was born.

Mark is a computer programmer who’s computer skills don’t apply in this new world he was thrown into. However, his analytical mind is a huge benefit when dealing with these rotting corpses. Mark met up with our crew in downtown San Antonio, at the Geekdom offices, were he was hoping to find other like minded survivors.

He was surprised to find Alice and Bill, who were looking for someone just like Mark, to help them calculate their options in a way that only someone like Mark could do. Mark, needless to say was happy to find a group he could be a part of while learning how to survive in this odd future. Mark lacks a bit of common sense, but he makes up for it in more ways than one! Good luck Mark! We are all rooting for ya!

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