Meet the Characters of The Tapping Dead: Darren

Darren – LOL.
Ok, Darren is a super red neck. While that ain’t a problem and certainly not a set back, it’s fun to comment on. His country charm was great in his home town of Kerville, Texas, but does little to woo the Zombified girls he encounters. Darren is a hunter, so he’s quite adept at killing squirrels (which he can cook up many different ways), he can also shoot the stumbling undead with amazing accuracy. Daren loves his baseball cap (Houston Astros of course) and it is crazy what lengths he goes to protect it. This one time, in band camp… wait, that was a different story…

So Darren meets our crazy crew at a Clear Internet Store, owned by RUWireless, a San Antonio wireless company that Darren worked with. He thought he’d get a few of his co workers on board, but found out they had all become The Tapping Dead! The crew wanted to try to see if the internet was still alive and get online to find out where they could get some help. Darren, the country bumpkin, is smarter than he looks! He and Mark, actually did contact someone… who? Wait to find out!