Silly and Simple Games!

These days we have been doing some work to pay the bills, and it has been boring. Then Cesar came to me with this crazy and simple game called Flappy Bird and told me is ruling the seven kingdoms. And I said “really? we can do that in like 5 hours”, so we did it.

The game is Gravity Rush 2 and we are publishing it for iOS (waiting for approval) and Android ( ).

Also we are releasing the source code:

Why are we releasing the source code? Well, it’s not like this game has some rocket science behind… actually the physics took 2 lines of code.

this.speed.y += this.gravity;
this.y+= this.speed.y;

We are giving the source code for 2 reasons:

1) Because we want to encourage Adobe Air development. Is a pretty neat framework for building games for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and OSX. And most media has been mean to it for it’s association with Flash. But the truth is many games have been developed with it and we want to help it gain some momentum with new and old developers.

2) Because it has the most common questions answered for new developers. How do I integrate Game Center or Google Game Services in my app? How do I integrate ads? How do I store data locally? How do I deal with multiple resolutions? etc.  If anyone want to contribute to it, so be it.

We got so much fun making this game (it took about 4 hours of development) that maybe we will be releasing a couple of games as simple and silly as this one, if you have any suggestion let us know at or



The Tapping Dead 2 – Kickstarter Campaign!

We recently launched the kickstarter campaign for the sequel of The Tapping Dead 2, please go and have a look here:

Anything counts, so please help us make this happen, any donation is gladly appreciated.


Hi everyone!

Thank you to Google (yet again) for featuring The Tapping Dead on the Google Play Store! We are extremely excited to see our first game heading in such a great direction. But wait! This isn’t for the good Old USA this time – it is on stores world wide: The United Kingdom! – (screenshot) and….Germany (Prost!), France (Salut!), Belgium, Spain, Australia (OZ), Italy, Russia (Na sdarovie!), Bulgaria, Egypt, Kuwait, Switzerland, Canada (Cheers eh!), Norway, Turkey, Denmark, Isreal, Sweden, Ukraine, and Japan! Domo Origato Japan!

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 1.23.20 PM

Thank you all for your support! Please remember to give us feedback to improve the game! We have added a great deal already, including new characters, facebook, twitter, new weapons and items to help get through those gruesome 150 levels!

Happy Tuesday everyone and enjoy your week. 🙂

Salud & Cheers from the CrazyCricket team!

That’s it.

Quit reading.

Start downloading.

Now please.

That’s enough.

This is getting uncomfortable.

Hey! Look what time it is!! It’s uncomfortable 30!

BYE! 🙂




Have fun!

The Tapping Dead now available for Android!


Got Droid? Well, what are you waiting for? Download The Tapping Dead for Android right here!

Don’t forget to write a review and give us your feedback. 🙂

We are constantly making updates and positive changes to the game overall, so make sure you are updating frequently.

Tap away people.


The Tapping Dead – Official Press Release!

The Tapping Dead – Official Press Release!
May 24, 2013 – San Antonio, Texas (Friday – woot!)

Tapping Zombies? Really? You betcha!

The Tapping Dead has officially launched on Itunes! —– > Download it here!

An Android version will be available in June of this year. (that’s 2013 btw). And… BlackBerry. Yep. 🙂

What is The Tapping Dead?
Well, as its name suggests, you are tapping your way through a 150 levels of Zombified buildings in San Antonio Texas! Calculate well people or you can die quite easily and lose lives! While you make your way through these scary mazes in this 90’s styled platformer, you are also picking up Zoins, that allow for a variety of purchases: mainly new lives (later maybe powers). Tap to pause the main character as they run through the labyrinths of the dead and avoid getting hurled on, trampled, eaten or worse!

Collecting Zoins on each level is very important! Though, also, be patient and you can get through this entire ordeal alive.

The Tapping Dead comes from San Antonio Texas based company: Crazy Cricket, LLC.
This is Crazy Cricket’s first of many games to come.

Many thanks to Rodolfo Ruiz, Cesar Briones, Cristian Partica and Rico Garrett for their contribution to making this game a true success.

Stay in the loop and visit for more news about The Tapping Dead and more!


The Tapping Dead, Bill (The Sheriff)

Here is “Bill”, a Sheriff from San Antonio, Texas!, from our upcoming game #TheTappingDead, and of course… a zombie 😀


Using Flash CS6 as a level editor.

While making platform games one of the most common tasks is designing and balancing maps. To accomplish this exists many tools, for The Tapping Dead we decided to use Flash CS6.

One of the reasons for this was that we could have full control of the output data and modify the format easily. Flash CS6 already have a UI that we could use, and components with live preview to pass parameters to the enemies when needed, and have these values parsed in the output.

Since the output is XML+JSON it can be used by any language/platform, in the case of The Tapping Dead we are using Air 3.7.

The idea is very simple, we would have a Scene per Scenario and a Frame per Level. The Class will read each frame and will parse whatever is in the scenario, capture it’s size, position and type, format it in XML+JSON (we decided to use XML+JSON to make it easy to edit/debug, I’ll go back to this later) and copy it to the clipboard. Continue reading…

Working on our first game!